I am grateful to Mr Calderwood for rescuing this club, we are not near the bottom, and as an ignorant amateur, I must ask for someone to enlighten me.

Calderwood changes the team constantly, even when players perform, he changes where they play, and formation. Saturday he had an outstanding winger, Hannant playing in central midfield while a left sided centre half played wide left. He did this after substitutions. He took a central midfielder off who was performing, amazing for him as id never pick him, and brings Reginald Lamb on, a waster.

None of it makes sense, he does this with the approach of a squad rotation system. I can only think he wants to give everyone a run before settling on a team, but I sense this wont be the case. Again I feel the world is going crazy, or is it me.? Any help would be appreciated.

It might be an approach like acting stupid to confuse the opposition, then hit them with a moments sanity while they are laughing. Or is it camouflage, like driving up to Mr Putins front door in a Trabant, and while hes abusing the driver, he reveals a nuclear bomb in the trunk, and then sets it off.

Who knows. I don't. As long as were not in the bottom two.