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Thread: Any players from last night expect to get the nod on Saturday?

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    Any players from last night expect to get the nod on Saturday?

    Well Rankin Costello certainly didn't do any harm but any others looking to stake a claim a first team place based on last night's cup match?

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    I was chatting about our set pieces at weekend. Of which I include pens. And my concern is we have DG who takes them well. But he won't play all the time. And I'm not sure who else will take them. I know Dack has taken & scored one. But I do get this feeling he would also miss them. Don't get why he didn't take that last night. Armstrong cost us at a point when we where ontop and creating chances, but needed to score one of them. We really miss Mulgrew solely on set pieces. He is better than Downing from that aspect. But we are far better without him in defence. I still think even now he could play in midfield for us.
    I hope SG gets a chance as CF. With Armstrong just off him. 3 at the back, get Tosin in alongside Lenhian & Williams. Bennett RWB, Cunningham LWB. Travis, Johnson & Dack in midfield.

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    It's time TM stopped tinkering for league matches. The team are getting better together and long may it continue.

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    By all accounts - even those from Sheffield United fans - Nyambe was man-of-the-match. They were also impressed by Rothwell.

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