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Thread: Ely v Wisbech tonight.

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    Ely v Wisbech tonight.

    FA cup qualifying, should be a good one. Should get a decent crowd, 3-4 thousand...only joking. I have been listening to radio two today with the news of a 17 year old lad going blind because of his diet. The doctors put him on vitamin tablets at 14, he stopped taking them, didn't change his diet, goes blind at 17
    then blames the doctors.

    There are many wonderful things about the British personality, the sense of fair play, humour, and patience being the best. The worst trait is projection or blaming someone else, ably demonstrated by Labour, " Its the governments fault ", today demonstrated by kids going hungry while the parents are obese, which was on Anglia tv recently.

    I grew up in a peasent European family in Cambridge, and my parents attitude would be to abuse me in regards to being a complete tw at. There would be comments like, "lets go for a bike ride", or look at that bird in that tree etc.....and they would not be wrong. This bloke will be blind for the rest of his life, as you will be in other ways, if you blame others. Everything is down to you.

    Bombadier Jurgen von Klompe.

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    A good win for Wisbech last night Frank,I thought that they might get a bit of a tonking tbh

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    So did I. Wisbech were much better than Ely. Wisbech were 3-0 in about 20 minutes. One goal was a Wisbech player holding up just outside the six yard area, then turning to shoot home while Ely players watched. Ely were terrible, I wondered if the Ely players were Eels in disguise.

    With this being the FA cup, the Ely players must be paid. One lad had a big gut, with proper eating and training, a gut is inexcusable. It was kids against men. Wisbech played some good football, only because Ely stood and watched. It was a lovely evening, warm with Ely cathedral a couple of miles away. When winter comes it gets grim. We should have summer football.

    I might be wrong about Wisbech, they got a point away Saturday, but I doubt it.

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