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Thread: is Norwich a handful?

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    is Norwich a handful?

    Until last week the answer was probably no.

    But with new found energy having beaten Citee and a Manager playing without fear its a possible cliff hanger.

    We need to compete on a new level; sustained and without let-up.

    Can we adapt to this style of play and not return to a defensive mode for 60% of the time?


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    The New Kids on the Block will get turned over by our well seasoned EPL stars.

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    No doubt they were oddly hard to handle last week, but I think Clarets can beat them. Maybe long-ball will actually help this round, could pinch a couple on the break? Our performance last week, and Norwich's spark certainly gives every player and our manager a wake up call before it even starts so I think we can benefit from that.

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    Looking at our team this afternoon one change in that starting line up Hendrick for Lennon. I was hoping that Wood would be replaced, his form this season as been poor. Surely Vydra or JROD deserve a start over Wood or can we not try something new.

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    What were you saying about awood ?

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    Have to admit Wood played really well today deserved the MOM.

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    Hats off to both Wood and Hendrick, both were excellent today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Bedlington Terrier View Post
    Hats off to both Wood and Hendrick, both were excellent today.

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