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Thread: Silly silly

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    Silly silly

    A draw would have been fair, if a little annoying after we led with a brilliant goal. But Carroll's sending off really hurt. O'Hara got done for the winner on the flank and while I wouldn't put the first one on his introduction alone, it came right after the substitution and Gardyne should never have got behind our midfield three as easily as he did.

    We shouldn't get carried away after wins and shouldn't get too down by losses but that was a daft one...entirely self-inflicted.

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    Typical typical Motherwell. When there is a wee incentive there,, we blow it big time....everytime

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    Is Jake Carrol a F#d? Could not be at the game today on holiday but booked twice in 2mins for a tackle on the same player ffs, what an asset to have in the team, them I believe the prementioned player scores the winner.....ffs again!!!!

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    We should never have lost that but our defending for the winner was diabolical and at the other end our build up play was slow and laboured. James Scott definitely has potential, but he simply isn't ready yet and would have benefited from being loaned out at this stage of his career.

    A draw would have been a fair result from that but if you can't defend then you will lose points and unfortunately Carroll was daft putting that challenge in which resulted in his second yellow and Robinson ****ed it for his by taking Polworth off when he did.

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    The impact from the double booking aside it seems the difference was in substitutions made from both sides. This loss is at least as much on Robinson as it was the players on & off the park.

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    I had the feeling we had already lost the momentum before he took Polworth off. Whether the goal was coming anyway, it's hard to say. But thinking we needed yet another solid body in there - against Ross County - was incredibly negative, at least assuming there was no injury.

    In fairness to O'Hara, as the new man on and in theory furthest up the park, it's harsh to put the first goal on him entirely as Campbell and Donnelly should still have been behind him rather than god knows where when Gardyne sauntered unchallenged through our midfield. But the second is squarely on his account - even if he's not a natural wide player, any professional must know the one thing he can't do there is sell himself easily. Commit a foul, run alongside him, whatever, but you can't get sent on a pie run (by Ricky Foster! We're not talking Cafu at full back here).

    We had a wee wobble against Hibs at 1-0 but settled down by actually playing our way out of it and getting back into their half. This change just invited them onto us which seemed idiotic given some of our defending in the first half which we were lucky to get away with.

    Bad day all round.

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    What's Liam Donnelly all about then? Sure, he's scored a few goals this season, but he don't seem to have any oomph or pace or guile. Over-rated IMO.
    And, we did the usual 'Well Thing' ... had a few good results, have a home game we should win, a crackin' sunny day with a bigger than normal and expectant crowd ... and then the team don't turn up - AGAIN!!

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    I don't think Donnelly is over-rated, virtually everyone had concerns about him and pointed out a bounce game against Livi and the LC group is not the same as being the starting six all season. He's doing as well as we could expect, which is to say up and down during a learning process.

    If anything his forward play - even ignoring the penalties to pad the goal tally - makes you wonder if a better role for him is beside Campbell with someone else behind them in games were likely to be up against it and on the bench if not. But until we have another viable six (Sloth?) it's a moot point.

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