More shenanigans, shambles and chaos today. Five at the back is complete nonsense, trying to play out from the back when you have five defenders on the pitch and only two in midfield is suicidal – and the players look tactically bereft. We need to switch to good old fashioned 4-4-2 – this is Division Four not the Champions League. 3-4-3, 5-2-3, 4-1-1-1-1-1, it’s all b_llocks and our players look confused. It’s time to get back to basics – genuine, honest central defenders and full-backs – four strong in midfield – someone who can win a header upfront and someone who can play alongside him and feed off him. Be prepared to punt it as well as pass it, mix it up, stop trying to be something we’re not.

Let’s face it, we only brought the extra defender in because Pressley’s original back four this season was a disaster area, but the same old problems were apparent today. The right side of our defence melted away in typical fashion for the first goal we conceded and Bradford’s second had Webster, and G Jones too easily brushed aside at the far post. Our defensive frailty on the right-hand side of our defence all too easily exposed again.

This said, we took the lead today, great work by Iredale and an exceptional finish from Olomola giving us a great start to the afternoon. However, Iredale had a bit of nightmare defensively coping with Bradford’s right-winger and Olomola wasted a huge amount of possession in meaningful areas. It was all too easy for Bradford to canter back into the game and into the lead, compounded by some ludicrous behaviour by the typically uninfluential Bridge.

When the game opened up in the second half following Richards-Everton’s rush of blood to the head, we lacked the quality to make any real clear cut chances in the final third and the final goal gave an honest reflection of the gap in quality between the two teams. Bradford are a poor side, but they are organised in rudimentary fashion and do the basics well – which makes them a country mile better than we are.

Pressley must be on borrowed time right now, this is entirely his team, his tactics, his everything - there is nowhere to hide – and it is very, very ugly. He asked for time last week, just how long does he want?

Collin – 4 – A couple of decent saves but his distribution is a p_ss-take. If you want to move the ball from the back effectively you have to distribute it promptly. Watching him prevaricate and lumber about in slow motion before rolling the ball sideways is excrutiating and his kicking is abysmal. What do we tell him before the game? – Slow it down, take your time, roll it short to the side? Typically the opposition know precisely what we’re going to do and we end up losing possession. It’s tired and predictable.

Sagaf – 6 – Nothing demonstrates Pressley’s f_ckwittery more clearly than his decision to play Sagaf as right-back. He does the job pretty well, for a midfielder – but it’s all about the manager trying to fit square pegs in round holes. Elliott’s form has been shocking, but we have Hayden, Branthwaite and G Jones who can play at right-back – Sagaf 100% needs to play in midfield with M Jones.

G Jones – 2 – Needs to ask himself serious questions about all three goals we conceded today. In fairness, he looks a better defender than Elliott and did better than Iredale at left-back and is competent on the ball. But when you’re easily brushed aside for all three goals your team concedes you have to be disappointed in yourself.

Webster – 2 – Not a defender, weak and stiff like a six foot four inch stick-insect. He can pass the football, I’ll give him that, but is not good enough to be playing league football as a defender. Apparently Pressley was thinking about making him captain before the season started, he doesn’t look capable of leading a wasp into a honey factory.

Knight-Percival – 5 – I have some sympathy for Knight-Percival, in for yet another torrid afternoon playing in our disaster area of a defence. At the minute he’s the only one of our starting defenders I’d keep at the club – but his confidence will take a slapping trying to do it all himself

Iredale – 3 – Great run and pass for our goal but needn’t have bothered defensively.

M Jones – 6* - Did a decent job holding in midfield and all our best football seemed to start with Jones on the ball. Needs more assistance in midfield, asking him to play in midfield two is wrong.

Bridge – 0 – A pathetic excuse for a footballer. Two needless, childish, bookings. All frill and absolutely no substance. It’s all about the quick feet and the tight turn buying himself some space, the dribble and then – nothing. No meaningful contribution at all. Had a great pre-season, but now playing proper football he’s not up to the task. He’s a luxury player in Division Four we cannot afford. We need someone alongside Jones capable of doing the spade work and with the vision to pick a pass without all the unnecessary flashy guff in no-man’s land.

McKirdy – 4 – Not really in the game in the first half hour, but it was an incredibly poor decision to substitute our most dangerous player. Why not just switch to back four and move Sagaf into central midfield? Anyway, if you’re looking to play on the break – you clearly need McKIrdy on the pitch.

Olomola – 6 – Took his goal really well and impressed dropping deep playing with his bac to coal covering for our lack of numbers in midfield. Needs a touch more composure in the final third and would benefit from playing in a front two.

Thomas – 3 – Can whinge with the best of them but his use of the ball today was poor. A compliment to him he was man marked so tightly – but the Thomas who rips teams apart is AWOL somewhere.


Elliott – 2 – Appalling

Hope – Slotted into midfield, ran around for a while, delivered nothing.

Sorenson – Nothing to suggest he’s good enough, what was wrong with Loft today? We should give Kerr a chance.