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Thread: This century

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    This century

    In the 18 seasons we have played this century, we have had just five top-half finishes:

    2000/01 - 8th in L1
    2009/10 - 1st in L2
    2011/12 - 7th in L1
    2012/13 - 12th in L1
    2017/18 - 5th in L2

    That means we've finished in the bottom half 72% of the time, despite relegations.

    And here we are in the National League, settling comfortably into the bottom half yet again - despite having what must be one of the best (and most expensively assembled) squads.

    Why is it so hard to have as many good seasons as bad? What level do we have to reach before we can win more games than we lose?
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    Losing becomes a habit and failure becomes ingrained in the company culture. That’s where we have been for a long time, stumbling blindly from one fiasco to the next. To be honest (and I can’t believe I’m writing this), now might be a good time for our owners to issue an update on the first quarter of the season and let us know they’re still there - maybe tied in with the Fylde game.

    As for previous years, 2009/10 doesn’t really count as that was basically embezzlement (and we’ve spent the past decade paying for it). The funny thing is, how many people even think back on these other seasons with warmth? 2017/18 was half a good season with hard-fought, scrappy wins; 2011/12 was Keith Curle, who was tolerated at best by most fans; and I’m guessing 2000/2001 was Jocky Scott, who was one rung above Curle in most fans’ estimations.

    How many heroes have the fans had in that time? If I compile a list of my favourite players since my first game in 1978, there are precious few from the 2000s. Christ, I can remember people naming their pets after Notts players in the late 80s - now we’d be better giving the pets a run-out in midfield.

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    There are those who say we ought to be grateful.

    I'm just glad I saw us in the 70s. People say that the Internet has spoilt the fanbase but there's no way the 70s fans would have tolerated the current ****e. It's really not good enough and something has to change.

    Here Duffy, come and get your dinner. There! In your face you ****!
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    Probably need to go proper ugly again. Warnock and Allardyce were certainly that, Sirrel for the most part as well, Cotterill and Allen. Rip some seats out, bring back a standing end, there's no point in trying to compete with a club next door who will always do the nice side of football better than us. Oh how I wish we'd gone for Steve Evans when we had the chance. He's likely past it now, is there any up coming manager out there who's hated?

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    Steve fat head evans would of soon left us so no point getting him in. All the change of managers and poor managerial appointments are to blame imo. Rookies with no experience haven't worked out and they've not gone on to do any better, thompson maybe did. Take lincoln today after one week they get hammered at home,surely they aren't that brilliant and the players themselves have to take some responsibility. Like at notts ardley hasn't missed the chances and not put the effort in. Why would they play any better for another manager when they say they like him.
    They have shown enough recently that they can be a very good side. Today was a shame with half the defence missing and doyle to an extent. Bromley may be a decent side and we should of got a point it sounds like. Yes i want us to play every team in this poxy division of the park but we aren't as great as we think we've been poor for a few years now.
    That to me is because of no stability and now people want more changes, why would anyone want to manage us???

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