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Thread: What use is var?

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    What use is var?

    So far this season we have lost more points than we have, because VAR has not changed ridiculous mistakes by referees... So I ask what use is VAR? seriously? If some bloke in a van 100 miles away cannot see what is obvious to 40,000 fans at the stadium, why have it? The referees in the premiership remain shocking, and VAR far from correcting their most obvious mistakes, simply rubber stamps them.

    In cricket, rugby and such like, the use of technology has enhanced the referees or umpires ability to make the wrong decision right, but with football it just seems to be used to validate the ref and not correct a mistake... so I ask again,
    what's the flipping point?

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    There is no point with this current crop of referees and their egos. The common sense approach would be that VAR is used to correct mistakes. However, the wording of it is actually "to correct obvious mistakes" meaning that if a decision can go either way they stick by what the on field referee has decided.

    Makes no sense to do this, because instead of actually helping the referee it is hindering him.

    In a decades time, when referees on the pitch realise thst they aren't gods and are simply there to facilitate the correct decisions relayed from a group of qualified referees able to watch countless replays, then VAR will be a good thing. It will stop players arguing with on field refs because those ****ers in black can say "it's not what I thought but I've been told"

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    Jesus H Christ imagine it

    V A R being utilised as some weird device, its sole function to increase the probability of referees making an accurate call on incidents effecting results of football matches?

    Subsequently V A R proves officials do make an occasional error of judgement

    I shudder to think of the repercussions if referees were exposed as being mere mortals !

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