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Thread: Friday night

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    Friday night

    My take on Friday night. 2 centre halves can't pass water, Watson just as bad and Smith at left back totally wasted no attacking threat as he is on his wrong foot. Pawlett just don't see what he brings to the team jogs about doesn't look interested, Stanton and Harkes were both dreadful no distribution, no dribbling and never got near the Alloa midfield all night. McMullen a bit greedy but at least tried and offered our only threat till Appere came on. Appere bright, full of energy and direct, I get that he is young but has to play every week.

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    ....agree with that MA. Also very worrying that of the 3 the only one that did anything of note to try and change the game was young Appere...Smith and King did nout but look below par.
    Re Pawlett again agree still looks very unfit and slow to me, never saw anything from him for about 20 mins b4 being subbied.
    Very worried if in order for our midfield to have any control.influence or creativity we rely on one player and without him others hide.

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