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Thread: The Good and the Ugly.

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    The Good and the Ugly.

    Was a very effective performance yesterday and exactly how you should play away at a side doing well.
    Blackpool fans are calling us an ugly, timewasting, physical team of cynical cheats, which is absolutely fine by me. But when we lose some of our fans say Warney only signs saints and we need a more competitive edge. Canít both be right?
    Warne has always said he is learning as a manager and I think the change of formation and the last 2 league performances have proved that. We have seen the good against Coventry and the ugly against Blackpool. Both yield the same 3 points.
    Last thing is well done to Clark Robertson. Like sommat from Roy Of The Rovers. Wasnít in the team, replaced mattock at last minute due to injury, played out of position and made one and scored one against his old club.

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    It worked but I've always said that if fancy football plan A doesn't work you have to resort to plan B where you are trying to score via dead ball situations. Which is why those routines need to be regularly practiced in training.

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    Scum I agree to a certain extent but we could have been 2,3 down at half time,game over.We have got to start & play 90min +.

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