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Thread: Cannot belive the Courts decision today.

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    May 2012

    Cannot belive the Courts decision today.

    Cannot believe this idiot Alfie Perkins the brain dead so called blue nose who trolled Jack Grealish about his dead brother the day we beat them 1-0 was today fined just 150. Disgusting and what a dusgusting excuse for a piece of skin.
    Had this been a racist attack, he would have been jailed!
    If you can stomache to read he is the Link

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    Ugh. Absolutely disgusting stuff to write about a family tragedy.

    I think that jail spot is best kept for someone who is a real threat/danger to society, but he should have had a bigger fine, or a community service order … At least he's been given a life time ban which will really hurt him. A decent human being, who was truly just affected by too much alcohol, would have had the grace to leave court with a shame faced look, not a grin. He's hurt his reputation with his behaviour more than jail ever will …

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    Ah well, he'll forever be known as that little pr1ck that trolled Jack Grealish about his dead brother and earned himself a ban from the sty for life. That'll do for me.

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    He should be MADE to watch every game at that bucket of sh1te for eternity, banning him is a mercy thing.

    Ah well, He's had his brave little face and address blazed accross the world now. I do hope he'll be ok. His College will be pleased with the publicity and he won't have to worry about job interviews, apart from the dole, so it'll be all roses for the little no mark.

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