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Thread: Tyrone mings

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    Tyrone mings

    CONGRATULATIONS TYRONE MINGS! Absolute class act. Played last night as if to the manor born,looked calm, behaved impeccably regarding the racist chanting. Hopefully, it is only the first of a hundred caps, he will surely become the successor of Bobby Moore, he is the best centre half this club as had since GOD himself!

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    You beat me to this post by seconds, Mondaze! Feeling really proud of him and even prouder that he's one of ours! Well done Tyrone.

    PS. Mr Sterling. Congratulations on your England brace but why don't you do that when I captain you for my Warriors? What has Gareth Southgate got that I haven't? Huh!

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    Showed his class on and off the pitch. That 25 mill is looking a bit of a bargain now Playing along Harry McGuire who cost 80 mill...well done Tyrone.

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    He's pure dead brilliant and he's ours, a class class act.

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