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Thread: QOS v Dundee Utd

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spikefaethesouth View Post
    Involving either side of the Old Firm will inevitably stir up tensions and effect ticket sales for such events though you would have thought that Queens would have been aware of this. The only way to avoid this is to have neutral hosts if such people exist in Scottish football. Hopefully this event can be rescheduled at a later date but I now have to go to the club shop and get my refund for a couple of those tickets before the United game. Looking forward to the Dobbie /Shankland face off today as well as a good game. Mon the South.

    It doesnít need a neutral to host it. All it needed was some QUEENS fans to help out and Iím sure thereís plenty who would have offered their services.
    To not even consider any has really back fired on the club. Hopefully something else can be organised again and we donít involve people with no interest in our football team.

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    Well said John - if this event is to be revived the Commercial Department at Palmerston has got to involve people from the Travel Club, the Queens Trust, the Barflies, Mark Jardine etc - real Doonhamer fans.

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