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Thread: People complain about the long period of time between the end of financial year .....

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    People complain about the long period of time between the end of financial year .....

    ..... and the publication of the CUFC 1921 accounts.

    But I believe that the CUFC 1921 accounts are relatively swiftly published in comparison with those of the highly respected European Union.

    So there, move along, there's f­uck all happening here.

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    Aye, Holdsworth swerved that question.

    And if we did see the accounts more quickly, what the f­uck could we do about it?

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    Accounts are a joke, there is dodgy dealing as routine, take no notice. Nine bob notes abound, especially at that Fen city. Another reason to not bother.

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    The value of information is inversely proportional to its age. If someone rang me with the information that the place where I am now sitting is going to explode in half an hour, that information is of value to me. However, if the person rang me with and finished telling me this information with only 1 second to go before the explosion such information would be of f­uck all value. The information would be too old.

    There is no reason for CUFC 1921 to delay getting the accounts published on the Companies House web site beyond three months after the year end date, which is 30th June. Thus 30th September should be the latest acceptable date.

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