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Thread: Moss and VAR Conspire to Rob the Clarets

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    Moss and VAR Conspire to Rob the Clarets

    Jon Moss has previous for robbing the Clarets at the death. Nothing new to report here then. - External Link

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    Is Moss actually a barsteward in disguise?

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    I agree whole heartedly, the contact if any between Wood & Evens was minimal, but deemed to be enough to rule out the goal. In yesterdays game between Manchester United & Liverpool the foul which lead to the United breakaway goal had far more contact yet the goal was allowed to stand.

    We need to have some consistency in the VAR. In the case of the Leicester City v Burnley game the VAR referee must be in the Kevin Friend model either biased or completely useless.

    I think that in all cases where a goal as to be referred to VAR the match referee should have to view the pitch side monitor to verify his own decision.

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    Surely I am not alone in the view that had the incident been at the other end, the goal would have been allowed?

    am in agreement Dave....the Game can't be trusted.
    Was a big day for Lester - the pressure was on but they failed to boil, so "lucky" for them they took all the points....also saved Rodgers blushes for those odd "defensive" substitutions ?
    VAR - If we look at the feet, Was a soft decision being it seems likely that Wood couldn've avoided contact, then with the rate the ball was moving - a higher possibility that Evans wouldn't have cleared it anyway - reading it like that , the decision should've gone our way.
    but - I didn't understand why Wood didn't go Full mental in his Celebration - was low-key about it - then there's the position of his arm - so perhaps that leaned it back to Lester - or maybe it was just always gonna be their day !


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