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Thread: Why should we move our fixture to accommodate Liverpool?

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    Why should we move our fixture to accommodate Liverpool?

    They fielded the under 23s v Arsenal this week showing contemp for the FL cup, they should be made to do the same or give up the tie?
    Dont see why Villa should reshuffle the pack

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    Same old scousers Dave, Always cheating and the world’s always against them.

    By finishing 2nd last season, Klopp knew that he would need a bigger squad to cover 3 domestic competitions + CL. Then they go and win the CL in May. So he knew then that he’d need a bigger squad to incorporate the World Club competition. What did he do about it? F.ck all, absolutely nowt. Poor planning, poor management of the squad.

    We were ridiculed by all, pre season, for building a handy squad big enough to try and cope with the rigors of this season. And we still left ourselves short up front (hopefully to be sorted in the window). DS manages a big squad well, rotating for cups and mixing the bench up.

    I haven’t heard BHA or wolves bleating about playing kids. Neither have big squads, their manager’s choice of course, so they gave incredibly valuable experience to their kids. Both BHA and wolves will benefit in the long term.

    Klopp is behaving like a tw@ of the highest order, he hasn’t moaned all season when playing the kids. They even wrangled, squirmed and bleated their way out of playing an ineligible player earlier in the tournament. They didn’t care back then and we don’t care now.

    You can’t choose to prioritise certain competitions, then bleat about the others, just cos you’re in sight of Wembley. If the FL cup means so much to you Mr Klopp, then send your urchins to rob the Doha shopping Malls, and send the big boys to VP.

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    More impressively is the fact that this "random" draw saw both Manchester clubs getting easy ties against Oldham and Colchester. Even more impressive is that, for policing and transport issues, 1 Manchester club is at home, the other away. And if that wasn't enough, both Merseyside clubs also weren't drawn to play at home. It's almost like the draw, made on the radio, was fixed!

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