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Thread: Where is Casper Sloth

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    Where is Casper Sloth

    We are in desperate need a quality mid-fielder to dictate play and a provide goal threat.
    Those we have fail to stamp any authority during play but doing all they can .. so far okay but we require better.
    IMO we miss Gorin who complemented last season offering of Campbell & Turnbull.
    Turnbull has a lengthy absence, leaving our signing Casper Sloth,
    Where is he ? Are we paying him a wage ? One for the future ? Has he returned native home before Brexit ?
    Discovered phish after we signed him ?

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    Yes, we're short of quality and indeed power in midfield as our last few games proved. AFAIK Casper Sloth has simply picked up a string of niggling injuries.

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    Lasley was on SuperScoreboard saying he has a couple of niggling injuries but we might see him in 4 weeks or so

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    Apparently he has an attitude problem and won’t walk through walls for every gaffer ����⚽️⚽️

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    Still not in the 18 for the reserves, we do have a Tony Rialist sitting on the bench though.

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    Semple and Scott score in a come from behind 2-1 win over Killie, ftr.

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    Excellent !

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