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Thread: End of an era?

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    Quote Originally Posted by toptoon View Post
    Read the whole post (14). You completely contradicted yourself in the space of a couple of posts on the same thread.
    Highlight it and we'll go from there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghostrider View Post
    Highlight it and we'll go from there.
    I already have and canīt be ars*d to do it again because Iīm not obsessed with trying to prove every point I make is right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toptoon View Post
    I already have and canīt be ars*d to do it again because Iīm not obsessed with trying to prove every point I make is right.
    Don't know why you all bother to answer him, all he craves is attention by any means and if he's getting no replies then he has nothing to continue his blind arguments with.

    Since I blocked him you have no idea how peaceful I've found it. Give it a try it works wonders.

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    You would think he would get his fill of cream pie in rockshots instead of coming on here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghostrider View Post
    Bandwagon jumping and mountains out of molehills with a lot of stuff at Newcastle.
    Any reasons to hate. Any reasons by some to slag the club off via one man as a backup for legitimacy in doing so. It's became pathetic at Newcastle and I'm bemused in some respects at some fans but also not too shocked that social media has created a poisonous overall atmosphere with all things Newcastle.

    People who've chosen to give up their season tickets after a lifetime of support, or people who choose not to support or even be a fan anymore, are welcome to their thoughts and ways but if so, then wouldn't it be better to simply take a back seat and leave the hatred and get on with something else?

    If the answers are " we love the club too much and it hurts but we're making a stand because this monster has our club".....then really think about this monster that's being created and really think about how you've been dragged into a media and social media frenzied mindset, backed by some steadfast haters who have used any snippet of info to keep poisoning...and many have bought into it to this very day because they refuse to back down for fear of being labelled weak for actually going back to supporting their club.

    It's mental.

    Nobody needs to argue with me. I'm counterarguing what I've seen and heard for long enough and I'm telling you that this club has been in a far far far far worse situation (as many know) and position many times in the past and happened when I've been alive and supporting.
    I'll always support the club and I won't use an owner as an excuse to batter it when we've had owners who've literally battered it in the past, themselves, not to mention owners who've slagged off the fans and the people of the city.

    Some fans have been dragged along on a wave of emotion and have decided to destroy their own matchday experience for the sake of feeling like they're contributing to some kind of boycott that will bring about a better Newcastle United.


    Seriously, where?

    The fans need to do what they've always done and that's to support the club and stop finding ways to create more and more turmoil for others who decide to go.

    And as for someone saying a new type of supporter has replaced the old type. It's been going on since the word go. It's happening at all clubs and always will.
    It's called stage change.
    Cars have changed from cold morning chuggers that rust as you move, to start up amd go sweetness and light that still look smart after a dozen years in many cases.
    Everything changes and everyone sees them.

    The problem is in some people still using the past as their yardstick for their future and live on it as if it was better than it is today, whilst trying to tell those that were not around in that time, how they missed out.

    This is what we're up against with the club. People living on past idols and what they saw as ideals.

    People need to stop using other clubs as yardsticks for what our club should be doing.
    People need to stop making fan comparisons about us being the best fans and then turning it around and saying they're a new breed and the best are vacating. It's pretty embarrassing to be fair.

    I see fans shouting " don't go to the game and it shows you're a proper fan....but if you go, you're feeding the poison that's killing the club." It's utter baffling and reeks of awful bitterness and spitefulness. It really does make me cringe at times.

    Why don't people take a look at the team. Take a look at the exciting young players (Longstaff's) coming through and the exciting players we've just bought and just look at that instead of doing ground inspections or training centre put downs based on snippets of info portraying it all as old Beirut and trying to use other club's state of the art stuff as some kind of yardstick.

    All this as just attempts to keep the fire fuelled to rid the club of an owner that's in the background and rarely seen and yet everything at the club ticks along, even if we aren't at the top end. Most clubs rarely are...why should we have the privilege over others?

    Let's put this into real perspective...and really think about this.

    Fans go to the match because they want to see their team. They don't go to see an owner or the board. And generally they won't go with any intention of disrupting their team before a ball is kicked but will do so if they do not see their team putting in the required effort as a minimum.
    But mainly they go in hope that their team will beat the opposition, no matter who that opposition is.
    In between they'll maybe buy a scarf, get a match programme, a pie and a drink, etc. Basically an all in matchday experience.

    They will then leave the stadium with a big smile (hopefully) and a week ahead good feeling or they'll leave satisfied but not overwhelmed with joy. And then there's the matchdays that produce the gut wrenching feeling of defeat and sometimes a defeat that destroys the week.

    It's always been part and parcel of being a fan and in the days before social media most people would simply be getting on with doing just that, with the odd chants of discontent as and when required.

    What's happening now seems to be people deciding to destroy their own experience for the sake of listening to spin and believing they really know what's going on behind the scenes to such an extent that they see some kind of doom.
    There's no doom and those that keep spouting it are doing it because it seems it's better to spout doom than to be upbeat or take hope from each game as it comes.

    Some people must think they're going to live forever.
    Those who've given up on their club....some for 12 years... but yet still come onto social media to be part of a matchday experience by phone or keyboard and watch the game on TV or stream it or have that radio commentary on...have not given up on anything.
    They love the club. They love the experience and likely will be buying bits and pieces that actually support the club.
    Admitting in with some would likely be too much of s stretch, maybe.

    Don't be ashamed to be a supporter just because you can't rid bitterness over one man from your body. Are people really that hell bent on making their own lives a misery because they can't or won't rid it of the poison placed into it? Or is it so inbuilt with some that they're not happy unless they're part of a mass bandwagon of discontent/hatred.

    Some people need to think back to how things were and then put it all into perspective. Not just look back on the times when messiah's were king for a time or when the long shorts and baggy tops of the time produced trophies, even amid the less than state of the art training centres or less than impressive stadiums....get it?

    jesus dude, no offence but........go outside and get some sunshine.

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