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Thread: Line up v Wolves

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    Line up v Wolves

    Steer; Guilbert, Konsa, Mings, Targett; McGinn, Nakamba, Douglas Luiz; El Ghazi, Wesley, Trezeguet

    2 injuries in training sees Heaton and Engels missing and Skipper Super Jack hasn't shaken off his calf injury. So, it's going to be a tough old day at the Molineux


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    Didn't see the whole game but saw enough, poor today and wingers not utilised at all in the first half - McGinn played Taylor into trouble when he could have turned and driven for goal which led to their 2nd after a powder puff attempt from Luiz to stop Traore.

    Bad bad day at the office

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    Well the first half was very bad second half better as wolves showing signs of A burnout.
    Injuries should not be an excuse, the 2 winger thing is not working. Were were winning with Hourihane playing the attacking midfielder. Why drop him.
    Some positives. Konsa played well, Landsbury did well when he came on but SJM was strangely subdued and im afraid, time is running out for big Wes. I would say his performance today was bordering on embarassing / useless!!
    We are going to need a goal scorer in Jan If we are to stay up. Wish we had bouht Maupay instead.
    A stronger in tune Villa could have won that game but that is 3 on the spin. Time to recoup, dust down rest up and get those 3 points v the Barcodes 2 weeks Monday. This time the International break has come at a good time.

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    Today just shows how important Grealish is to us.

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    I just don't get it either,Dave. Why have him on the bench when we offered so little going forward. We looked like a rudderless boat. Clueless with the ball, didn't know what to do with it so gave it away. Very bad day and I worry about our depth going forward. Wes has been a huge disappointment overall.

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    Awful 1st half, 2 early subs restricted us making wholesale changes at half time. As soon as HL came on mid 2nd half, Mings went down and hobbled on for the remainder of the match.

    Without the early subs, I’m sure HL & CH would’ve come on at 50 mins.

    The 2 Brazilians were poor throughout, as were the wingers & SJM (by his standards). Wolves were better in every position. Man for man they mullered us, end of.

    Thankfully DS’s sides only spew out these kinds of performances once a season (Wigan away), so we take it on the chin and move on.

    Well played Wolves.

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    The only comfort I got out of this game was knowing that the mighty Brazil national team are also in the brown stuff.

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    How on earth has he been picked for the National team? I think their scout must have put one hell of a video together but can it last more 30 seconds?
    Oh well. It may give him some much needed confidence!

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