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Thread: Poaching our young players

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    Poaching our young players

    Something needs to be done. Some of the Man City kids are on 30k a week, Dawson was on 20k till he got a new contract , I bet Townsand's only on about 10k a week.

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    Itís becoming stupid now.

    They need to put a cap on the number of players allowed at a club like they do in the NFL.

    There should also be a salary cap as to the total each club can pay out in wages in expenditure.

    Protection should be also added so that if a youth team player is poached a £10million fee is payable if that player makes the first team squad or is sold onto another club.

    Thatíll focus their minds a bit more.

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    it is totally wrong that this can be done of stealing young players and something has to be done about it.No wonder I hate these big clubs so much.The question is why have a youth set up if the powers that be allow them to leave for peanuts.So much i want to say about this but I can,t think of the words at the moment Disgust for now will do.


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    The big money has undoubtedly ruined the great game. Albion and England games are pretty much all I watch now.
    Thank Sky.

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    Can’t agree more with the above comments, started with Izzy brown to Chelsea, the governing body should make new rules but as there in the pockets of the big clubs they do sweet FA . The baggies should sign these players on proper contracts the minute they look anything above a league 1 player , just to cover there backsides.


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    Have said it on here before. I cannot understand why a club like Albion spends £millions on an Academy only for the best prospects to be continuously poached by the big clubs for peanuts. Apparently it’s even cheaper for clubs in Europe to poach them - and the same for ours to poach from Europe. It makes no business sense to me.

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    Its been the same since time began. The system is maintained to reward a select few.

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    The simple answer is to limit the number of youth players allowed at each club, the big clubs are ruining the careers of some players before they even start because they have no chance of making it with the amount of players already at the club but i also blame the parents and agents who only see £ signs for their kids to be at big clubs and don't think about their long term career.

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