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Thread: Carlisle United v Cambridge United

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    Carlisle United v Cambridge United

    My prediction is that after the Cambridge United match folk will resort to the old Shanklyism :-
    "We were bad, they were bad, neither side deserved a point".

    Then there's the FA Cup match at Forest Green. We will get half the gate receipts, so that will fund a January spending spree.

    Then there's the 6 pointer at Morecambe. It's lovely there in December, bracing.

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    If you've got nippy forwards you can turn our defensive giants and score as many as you want. Walsall did it yesterday apparently. We have one decent forward, Sam Smith, not our player of course, get a heavy tackle in and he wont bother you. He is 10 stone when wet. We are cannon fodder.

    It takes us an hour to launch an attack, in a cack handed, predictable way. We have one talented midfielder, George Roles, not our player either, why the manager doesn't pick him is anyones guess.

    We are above you because when we are in dire straights we do get results, for a time, which suggests the players need a kick. Then they revert to being lazy, hopeless, and undeserving of the pay they receive.

    If a Roman cohort under performed during battle, every tenth man was pushed into a ravine. If I was the owner I would instruct the manager to pay up Liam oNeils contract, and get him down the drive. That should have the right effect.

    If you lose to this shambles, you should get.....VERY.... worried.


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    With only one side club being relegated this season it means that this game has already become a non event as neither of you will make the playoffs,visit a local non league club to get some excitement back into your life

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