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    Once again he turns back the clock gets better with age like fine wine made a cold miserable night visit worthwhile I keep thinking itís going to be his last season but once again heís head and shoulders above any one else on the feald

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    I reserve judgement on many things Rovers, including how good Darren Moore is and where we are really in terms of promotion or if we are just an average mid-table team. But one thing I have no doubt about is that Copps is the best player I have ever known to wear a Rovers shirt and I can't imagine him not playing for Rovers. I don't want to think of him retiring, but there again I never see any real reason why he should, even now. He can still change the tide of any game even if he is subbed after 70 or 80 mins.

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    I hate to think how good he'll be when he gets to my age (in another 30 odd years), if he continues to improve with age, as he has done over the last ten years...

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