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Thread: The lone Englishman

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    The lone Englishman

    In the last two games in the Premier League Wolves have only fielded one English born player, Connor Cody. Is this just a sign of the times, or are the English born players years behind in their technical ability?

    I can recall an Arsenal team a few years ago when they fielded a team with no English born players in it.

    We have a number of promising young English lads in the u23s, with one or two getting on the bench at times for experience. There is no doubt that those that train with the first team will derive tremendous benefit from that.

    I just hope that under the tutorship of Nuno and his coaching staff, they get the chance to prove themselves.

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    Hey Abbo. I just wrote a little piece on the subject of British players technical ability, or lack of. But somehow it got bloody lost when I tried to post it! Have to run but will try again later.

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    I think it’s a combination of factors. Competing at a high level, you need the best players. Which means you’re not going to be too picky about where that players comes from.

    You also have to factor in the value of a player. An English player is going to have more value to an English club. This increases their value within England. If you can get a player of equal ability, but they’re from another country, they’re typically cheaper. So English players aren’t really getting in ideal situations for themselves because of their increased value.

    This happens with US players that come back to MLS here. They have more value to American clubs. But those players aren’t going to be in ideal situations because the competition level here. Need to be challenged more, but the clubs will get more money selling a player to another American club than they will selling him abroad.

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