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Thread: Prediction League - Braga

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    Prediction League - Braga

    Wolves came back from international break and we picked up right where we left off in the first half against Bournemouth. Second half wasnt nearly as impressive but we held on for the three points. Now we head to Portugal for our second match against Braga. In our first attempt against them, they defeated us 0-1 at Molineux, thanks to a goal in the 71st minute. Since that loss, weve rattled off three straight wins in Europa League. With a win here, we could overtake Braga for first place in the group and hope to avoid one of the Champions League third place finishers in the knockout stage. In the other group match on Thursday, we should hope for a Besiktas point or win. If they get at least a point, they eliminate Slovan Bratislava and guarantee us a spot in the knockout stage regardless of whether we win or lose. While I would love a victory to take control of the group, Id settle for a point on the road and hope Slovan Bratislava can defeat or draw Braga while we defeat Besiktas at home in the next set of Europa League matches, which would win us the group. Braga have not been playing well outside of Europa League, sitting mid table in the Portuguese first division. This game will take place on American Thanksgiving for me, so I hope I get a lot to be thankful for.

    Braga 1-1 Wolves


    1) WOODLANDSWOLF - 22.3
    2) MichiganWolf - 17.3
    3) Woking88 - 15.3
    4) wolves71 - 15.1
    5) GrizzledWolf - 14.3
    6) abbobrom - 13.3
    7) plater - 13.1
    8) wolfiebill - 12.3
    9) nortonwolf - 11.1
    10) Palmeras - 9.2

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    Cheers Mich, our current form is such that I fancy is to win this one.

    Braga 1 Wolves 2 Jota, hes due one.

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    Same here, 2-0 Wanderers, Jota.

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    Braga 1 - Wolves 2 (Jimenez)

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    Braga 0 Wolves 1


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    Braga 2 wolves 0

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    Braga 0 Wolves 3

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    Wow, looking at the predictions, this is a "sorting the men ....."

    Braga 1 Wolves 1


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