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Thread: O/T Bowel s cancer tests

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    Apr 2012
    I wish you all the luck in the world fella, I hope you are brave and strong and beat this demon. My prayers are with you and all yor loved ones.

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    All the best Roma I'm sure you'll win this fight.

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    Aug 2015
    First and foremost, this is a doable fight! They do amazing things now!
    Iím sorry to hear your news. Every red is behind you!
    I have had the same news across my family in recent years. And the results have been positive
    If you need to talk about any sort of shi ite about any sort of shi ite - I am here to talk about it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Romared View Post
    Make sure you do them , i've had some bad news regarding mine , so to my friends and foes !! I won't be posting much right now , other things to deal with , Animal can you put my predictions league to 2-1 for each game after Hull ?to the Reds ?
    Happy Xmas and best wishes to you all in the new year
    Regards Roma
    I always do mine Roma mi owd pal,chuffin hell Buddy i'm sorry to hear this news and i send ya sincere best wishes,i'll be keepin everythin crossed for thi mi owd pal.News like this certainly puts football in it's place,Chin up matey and f8 the good f8.UTMPB

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    Sorry to hear that Roma, we are all with you.

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    best wishes Roma, stay strong and hope to hear some good news from you soon

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    All the best to you Roma

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    Take care mate & all the very best.

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    Thank you all for your kind words and sentiments , it means a lot to me and Is very much appreciated , i've taken it all on board , I'm remaining positive and hopeful of a good outcome ,
    Thanks again, love and regards to you all Roma

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    Take care Roma owd lad, I know exactly where you're coming from.
    Speedy recovery matey....

    EDIT : thanks for the reminder, mines come through the post recently.
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