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Thread: FA Cup Red 2: Eastleigh

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    Jul 2012

    FA Cup Red 2: Eastleigh

    So... Anyone dare predict this one? Just watched Newport generally outplayed by Maldon & Tiptree but Amond turns up when needed.
    Have our players got the right temperament? Would you trust Charlie to perform in this game?
    I saw this lot at the end of last season at Salford. They were the better footballing side but eventually were bombarded out of it by Salford. Their recent form has picked up and they moved up through a congested middle of the table to just outside the play off positions. Their captain is Danny Hollandsa good player for us who dropped a division for geographical (and possibly financial) reasons. He's scored 8 from midfield.... So who'll be tracking him?
    We have to perform to our best tomorrow or we'll lose. That also means a lot more urgency than was evident at FGR. We mustn't be caught napping as they'll be up for it and we cannot afford to let them seize the initiative.
    As you can tell, I think it's too close to call. I don't care how stylish we are (or not), I just don't want to see us lose this one.
    A draw😨

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    We have to take the sting out of them for 10-15 minutes, playing it around and trying not to let them play their way
    Need Tommy to thread those long passes and tire them out with our passing game whilst trying to stop the high balls into the box.
    I don't think it is as easy as some think but with a good referee I think we could edge it

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    Well I am going for a win for a highly technical and tactical reason. "I WANT US TO WIN".

    However I am concerned about Green and Lowery in midfield. Believe they are both slow and far too predictable. Gives the opponents defence all the time to get back in formation. Too many square balls and back passes. Everything has to go through the middle and that is so easy to defend as our forwards are surrounded by eight defenders. Poor tactics. Plus the fact that Lowery plays virtually all the time in the opponents half and when Green goes on the attack it makes us so vulnerable to counter attacks. Leading to our out manned defence having to resort to tactical fouls.

    I honestly believe we have the players in our squad to be an excellent team. We have two excellent wingbacks who because of current tactics are never used. We have a selection from four excellent wide players who are hardly ever used used. Wingbacks and wide players are a far more serious and quicker form of attack, and far more suited to confuse opponents defences. We insist in carrying on with our pedestrian form of attack which usually leads to us losing the ball and wide open to quick counter attacks.

    But still hoping for a win.

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