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Thread: Queens v Partick

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    Quote Originally Posted by The caulback View Post
    Your right Jardi that statement on Kidd was uncalled for, should not go on line when you've had a few.
    Any word on the injured Queens player looked serious.
    Released from hospital after the game and will now most probably miss a game or two due to concussion just like Pybus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jardi View Post
    I'm a little sceptical about this sudden suggestion that the players should all stay behind an do extra training.

    If the training was sufficiently good in the first place there should be no need for any extra, - unless they really wanted to.

    Personally, I would choose to do extra if it was my job, - but I don't think people should be castigated for choosing to do other things outside of work.
    That's the problem though Jardi, Dobbie for one believes Johnston is not working them hard enough at training which is why he chooses to do extra. Obviously the other players think training's OK or else they're not sufficiently interested in the club to do that bit extra. Part time clubs often look as fit as us and we don't seem to do much work with the ball or work at set pieces.

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    It's a difficult call Auld Chippy.

    It's funny but the best and most conscientious players have always done extra training. You'd think that the young players who have chosen this as their career would be desperate to improve and at least stay back with Dobbs and improve on their shooting!

    To be fair though, I couldn't fault the effort and the fitness yesterday, - it was just one of those days.

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    It's not as if they are worked that hard like a 9 to 5 job, so the players should stay on longer at training, especially when the 37 year old club captain is.

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    Partick finished the game much stronger physically
    As has been said there were some good performances.
    But no surprise when game was lost late

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    Quote Originally Posted by newby View Post
    It's unusual for you lot not to be harsh on a keeper ,poor Martin is still traumatised
    Good. He put Queens through enough trauma. Karma!

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