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Thread: McNeal wasted talent

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    Quote Originally Posted by FromTheDarkness View Post
    They where Brilliant, they are as you say a wealthy club. You are right... you are right about the class difference, I also have football experience.
    But this Burnley team used to mix it up with the likes of Liverpool, we caused quite a few cup upsets, we beat Tottenham last year.. so I dont agree to setting up with a back 5, playing wingers so far into the middle they looked like CM's, playing to two CDMS' and hoof and hope tactic to the tall lad with no support.. all we did was allow wave after wave of attacks hoof the ball up and allow them to build momentum again.. it was terrible.
    Alluded to this on another thread , once they realised it was going to be an easy night with one up top and no pace anywhere on the pitch , even the back 3 attacked and joined in
    They Could let wood win headers because we couldnít get support to him quickly enough.

    Iím more gutted about Palace to be honest but we missed a trick in that game.

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    Agreed Darkness we did mix it up a bit , the issue for me is that all around us have progressed and we have aged and stayed still in a league thatís a thousand miles an hour.

    We are a championship club batting above our level , you only have to look at teams that come to the turf , they donít have Bardsleys and Pieters in their squads
    ( that isnít a slur on either of them ). They do their best but when you analyse other teams players positions and tactics you can see why we are dropping away.

    Dyche May rally the troops and get us over the line once more this year but I think it will be fine margins and dependant on certain players staying fit and also if there is any proper recruitment in January.

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    Eigh**** teams in this Division can easily beat each other. Two wins or two losses on the bounce has you up and down like a yo-yo. We'll be OK!

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Bedlington Terrier View Post
    Eigh**** teams in this Division can easily beat each other. Two wins or two losses on the bounce has you up and down like a yo-yo. We'll be OK!
    Your last post was numbered 13 on a Friday BT. We had better be ok because I may not have hyperthymesia (see Carrie Wells in Unforgettable) but I do have a bloody long memory!

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    Directly from the TEC rumour mill, we won't need to worry about McNeil for much longer, because a £40 million quid is reportedly on the table.

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    If we did receive a £40 million pound bid I can't see us turning it down.

    What it would show though is that the money spent on Barnfield was worth it.

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    I would sell him as soon as possible for that money.. Dyche doesnt play him to his full potential anyway..

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    Phuck me rigid! You two are as bad as money mad Mike...

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