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Thread: Fao mods

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    Fao mods

    Just a word of warning re- streams..

    Quite a few people Have been done for advertising sporting streams on forums.. Last week a guy was told to pay 5000 grand or they would take him to court and it would cost him 85 grand for giving out a boxing stream.. Beware of this..

    it might be a good idea if you remove them,as most people know where they are nowadays..just saying like ..

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    Thanks Alf, but not guilty.

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    Thanks Alf, the thread will be deleted at some point this evening when I get a minute.

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    I believe.....the guy was caught streaming the event on facebook - through his own Ipad, Live from the TV screen....not posting a Link (as all soccer forums do).

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    I have had a good look around the internet lads and can only find folk who have actually shown a stream who get fined, is there any more info that can point me in the right direction fellas ?

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    I think as long as it's not live streamed directly from this forum we have now't to worry about. I'll ask DSG for clarification.

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