Three players went sick on the morning of the Plymouth game bringing the players out to eleven. Jones quit after feeling breathless during the warm up.

The players had two weeks off and hadn't come into contact with each other, commented on by Calderwood. At a recent fans forum there was a question about chronic injuries, which the club said that they were all legit, despite players going down like flies for years.

Liam O neill, the chief culprit came off after 60 mins against Plymouth saying he ran out of puff. That's four then. Im sure these no hopers will expect contracts to be renewed. Im sure there must be a rota somewhere that makes sure there are enough players to make up a team, while the rest can go awol.

There is a sickness at the club.

I feel sorry for the owner who has to make excuses while knowing these people are taking the mick. Harrison Dunk decided a long time ago Cambridge was as good as it was going to get. How he got another contract is beyond me.

There is a rod for their back though. If you treat players like god, over pay them, and spoil them rotten, you get this.

An example is that the owner isn't going to march into the dressing room and say something like " at least one of you will get fired", Alan Sugar like., before a game They would be queing up to get tackles in, and they will run for 90 minutes. I don't think Cambridge players have been fit since John Beck wove his magic. Just look ay O neill, he doesn't defend, he doesn't attack.

What is this man for?

Management needs to get its power back, kissing players a hole isn't working. Being fired, or a terminated contract wont sit well on a cv. If you treat players well, and they then perform, that's ok.

Not like this though.

Raymond Baxter.