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Thread: Here you go Winnie, Xmas day rituals

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    Here you go Winnie, Xmas day rituals

    What’s yours?

    Mine, when in Ireland.

    0900 Hair of the dog, whilst making sausage stuffing and peeling veg.

    11;00-13;00 G.A.A. club (pubs closed here on xmas day) for a tipple.

    1400 Xmas dinner/lunch

    1500-1510 Betty’s speech.

    1510-????? Out comes the Port etc, whilst losing at Villa monopoly.

    When my parents were alive, we travelled to England, it was pretty much the same, except the Pub 1200-1330, and sometimes in the evening.

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    Oooh wow am I dreaming or do we have a real life customer in here?! Pinches self. No. I'm awake.

    Sorry Exiled. Fell asleep doing the stock taking on Christmas eve and just woke up. Have a Stella on the house to make up for it …

    Right. Christmas day rituals … Well, I tend to just go with the flow as I usually spend Christmas with either Mum's side of family or my Dad's. Their approaches couldn't be more different.

    Mum's - woken at crack of dawn (tradition for niece and nephew to bounce up and down on my bed with stockings having been sent in to me by my brother, who wants to catch a few extra zzzs).

    Light breakfast. Carols on the beach and watch Christmas day swimmers bravely take a dip (they have to get their shoulders wet for it to qualify). Pink champagne for ladies and mince pies. Christmas lunch (traditional turkey and trimmings etc with rabbit food option for yours truly, of course) Lunch timed to perfection so finish in time for the Queen's speech. Open Christmas pressies. Then maybe Monopoly etc, a walk and more tipples in the evening.

    On my Dad's side - stagger out of bed after extra late night putting the world to rights over a few tipples the night before. Coffees (OJ for me) and brunch. Chaotic opening pressie scenes - for some reason I am the only person on Dad's side of family who labels pressies - hence lots of mystery parcels which have to be allocated after opening as owners can't remember who the pressies were for. Eg I opened a bottle of after shave one year. Dad heads off to kitchen to prepare "lunch" - on Christmas day he transforms into Keith Floyd with a glass or three of something - and also gets chatting to anyone who joins him, forgetting he is meant to be cooking, so Christmas day lunch generally not ready until the evening. One year, we were all eating lunch at midnight! In the meantime, the rest of us get tipsy on Baileys (or chosen tipple) and try to dampen hunger pangs with chocolates, cake, and mince pies. Lots of giggles and laughs.

    Anyone else?
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    Just her indoors and the two kids (14 and 11) so a nice relaxed day eating lovely grub, drinking lovely wine, watching the telly and playing games. Watched A Christmas Carol and woke up watching Gavin & Stacey - lovely jubbly!

    Boxing Day tradition of a bike ride ruined by the weather but a good pub lunch followed by a skinful back at home with friends - happy days.

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