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Thread: V Watford

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    May 2011
    Wow this is the worst villa team I can remember. On paper it's alright but our defence are static, we can't hold the ball for 2 minutes, Jack's pushed out on the left wing, Wesley doesn't do anything at all and should have scored with his 1 chance. The midfield don't need to be there because everything is a long ball.

    Time to go Deano?

    I think so

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    Well if we come out same second half then Smith is writing his own P45 out surely as he’s gotta see it ain’t working ?? There’s players out there like Jota n Lansbury who are playing for a start and doing **** all

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    Push Jack onto the wing and leave Wes isolated. Doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. Where is the side that battled so hard for a point against manure? They scored against us with ten men ffs. Dean doesn't have a plan B. I'm truly worried.

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    Well, we got what I wished for

    Dean Smith is a decent, likeable man, however he appears to have assembled a team with no plan B & barely has plan A while this team looks, sluggish, ponderous, disjointed and worryingly, disinterested

    Every team knows how we play- consequently we've become an incredibly easy fixture.

    The festive period is a difficult time to get through to the Samaritans

    I finally managed to chat to a counsellor who strongly recommends we “Sack the board”

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    No the board is ok but Smith And Terry need to start playing Fifa. No plan B so create one. We are all screaming out for 352 or 442 so he needs to give it a go, not next month but now or he will be gone. With our away performances so dross, it wont be long before our fantastic away support start calling for his head, once they do hes gone but if its next Month the New Manager will have to work with this team. I think Smith has only 1 game left to save his job, play and lose like we did v Watford against Burnley and he's dust.

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