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Thread: On current form which player do you think will leave the club in this transfer window

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    On current form which player do you think will leave the club in this transfer window

    I feel Wintel has been our most consistent player this season. His ability to read the game and make the correct pass are second to none. NG's game has gone off in the past month or so and Lowery is not the finished article yet just as is Kirk.It's all down the the bigger clubs now do they want to invest in a league 2 player and bring him on or do they buy a player for considerably more money to instantly fit into their team. I feel money is the big factor as teams chase instant success.

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    Have to agree that Wintle is most likely. Charlie not consistent enough and Perry has gone right off the boil.

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    Ryan is the most consistent of the 21-22 year olds and I think could easily manage life in the Championship. Charlie is at a similar stage to Cooper when he left... so it requires someone to take a punt; Tom’s size is against him; Pixie is getting more consistent and looks a more athletic FB than Perry, who is probably a better defender; Callum hasn’t been getting enough first team football and Dale is too inexperienced.

    The good news is that we would get good value for them whoever moves on.

    I’d be surprised if we lost more than one player, but hope we lose none. If we beat Barnsley and get a top side in the 4thround it might tempt them to stay! Two reasons - we obviously stand a better chance if we keep them plus they’ll be worth more in the summer when they’re 6 months or a year older!

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