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Thread: If a company is in debt to primarily another company for more than 2.5 million .....

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    If a company is in debt to primarily another company for more than 2.5 million .....

    ...... then what is the duty of that debtor company?

    I suggest that every penny of any 'windfall' cash that it receives should go to the creditor company. But there is a category of fanatic that consists of people who think otherwise.

    The fact is that the EWM charge on 1921 gives them the absolute right to take all incoming cash for as long as the 'facility' exists.

    The parsimony at 1921 will be unaltered by 'windfall' cash arriving. The club is being fundamentally badly run.

    Some football clubs actually do have to pay some debts. This will be news to a few people.

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    You're making the unfounded assumption EWM will immediately ask for the cash back.

    They might.

    But equally, they might not.

    We'll have to suck it and see - but my money would be on them not asking for the cash back at this stage. We'll probably have a budget shortfall this season due to Pressley's judgement in the transfer market so we can offset some of that - and I'd expect a fair amount of the cash generated from the transfers of Galloway, McCarron and Branthwaite to be ploughed back in to the squad.

    We obviously need experience upfront, a left-back and a bit of defensive quality in central defence - but we can easily improve the sqaud without breaking the bank.

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