The United board, in other words Paul Barry the owner, has blamed Calderwood for 4 defeats in five, and not scoring. We haven't scored more than one or two for years. One is a miracle.

The board have said that he hasn't got the best out of a talented group.

All of this is wrong. How can Lewis and o neill be talented?, two very expensive players. Or half a dozen others. This bunch got Joe Dunne sacked, and three key players have been out all season.

The board sacked Richards and Ward against Calderwoods advice, then employed a new coach, not Calderwood. Calderwood then made fun of him saying he substituted him often when at Northampton. This man did manage united briefly, then got sacked at Newmarket, Mildenhall, and Long Melford. They wont replace the players.

The owner should have the credit for keeping United alive, but cant do more than that. All of this is cost cutting.

But it is Calderwoods fault, a classic projection of blame on the blameless. The game today was embarrassing, no one was trying, the players know whats happening.

The season is over. Thank god we cant go down. It shows how awful this league is that Cambridge are srtill in it.

We can sack managers, get shot of players, coaches etc, but we cant rid ourselves of this shambles of a board. They have been destroying this club for a generation. We used to have a ground, money and decent players.

I hope someone from the club reads this, when it comes to bad publicity, they cack themselves. What a state Barry is in, he is financing failure, of his own making. Calderwood on the radio today was making fun of the players, saying at one point they were taclking each other, and saying there was nothing there, which was spot on.

He should have been aiming at the board. The football director, Graham Daniels, has the pedigree of being sacked as manager of Cambridge City. Yet he says Calderwood is getting it wrong?????

I am glad I have only wasted 50 odd quid watching two games on this shhambles this season. This club is done. Barry was always a mistake.

You cant afford it mate. Sell up. Please.