Corr has played for Sheffield Wednesday, Leeds, Bristol City Sarfend, Exeter etc, and has joined St Neots as manager. He was coaching the kids at United, and had been studying psychology which can only help when managing people. He was a legend here. Corr plays, he scores.

St Neots are near the bottom of a regional southern league with liitle hope of progress to anywhere. Having said that, some predictor thing a few years ago said that St Neots would be in the premier league by 2050 or something like that. Whoever produced that needs treatment.

Meanwhile, our first team coach started with the kids at United, and probably the sunday league before that. I am sure he has coaching certificates by the bin load. What is missing is the 20 odd years as a player in pro football. And he is producing this turgid nonsense.

There is no need to say anymore.

General John Beck.