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Thread: Bilic going home in the Cup

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    Quote Originally Posted by BaggieBlood View Post
    I would not mind that Acido. Wanted that scum Leeds to equalise tonight but no luck, but good to see there energy levels go down in the second half, and hopefully the flogging them to death syndrome has set in with them. What's your finances like these days, any chance of Chaplin and woodrow for Hourianne prices?
    Do you want the serious answer eh kid lol, or can I just chuck silly muck about like I normally do on here ?.
    Cauley Woodrow has been mentioned with Leeds, but he will only be a bench warmer there as they want Premship footy again dont they. And Woody really isnt that great.
    Charlie Chaplin has been on fire in recent games and hes proved us all wrong, as we thought he would be another Oakwell flop!.
    But hey, we'd love Conor Hourihanne to come back here, just for old times sake.

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    Game confirmed for Sat 25th Jan kick off 3 pm

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