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Thread: City pubs/clubs

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    City pubs/clubs

    Hoping some folk could help me out.

    I've been living around the city for a few years but really haven't got much clue about the best or worst pubs and clubs for a night out.

    I've got some pals coming here for a week in April so I'd like a couple of nights for us to get to the best places.

    We are all in our early 30s, range of music taste is anything from folk to metal. We like live music. Casinos arent out of the equation either.

    The only places I have been to are the Pitt (obviously) O'Neills, Malones, Rileys, Atik (felt like an old man), Krakatoa (though I am yet to see a band actually playing there) and the casino behind BrewDog. So aye....nae much.

    Any suggestions??

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    A decent 'real' pub worth visitin in toon is the Kirkgate ... Nae frills, nae pretence, Crackin Jukebox, loads o' 70s hits, plus some good punk and metal ..but pretty extensive selection ... they even hae The Men They Couldn't Hang and Oysterband ffs!! .. Prices are nae bad, and occasionally, free nibbles. Decent collection o' regulars fa jist like tae drink beer, listen tae music, spik a lot o' ****e, and get hame in one piece.

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    Ither pubs? ... Once upon a time Ah would hae said the Prince o' Wales wis a 'must' ... but ower the past decade or so, it's lost it's hert, spirit, identity, appeal ... Ah like ordinary pubs far ye mak yer ain scene wi ordinary folk ... so try Wordies, The Grill, The Market Arms, The Frigate, ... Wetherspoons if ye must, Maybe the Wig, but Ah'd say the latter two are pretty hit or miss options.

    Either get pished early, or go tae the casino rether than end up in Cafe Drummond ffs ... Ah gather O' Donoghues has a late licence if ye end up that far west .... if ye dinna, then, if ye can walk, then walk westward, do not settle for Cafe D or the BSSC .... even if ye think ye might get a trap .... ye winna!

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    McNasty's karaoke is errr umm different

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