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Thread: OT --Betty's Grandson gets Job at Grimethorpe ASOS

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    OT --Betty's Grandson gets Job at Grimethorpe ASOS

    Harry Windsor has got a job as a Warehouse Order Picker at Grimethorpe ASOS as part of his plan for financial independence from his Nan.
    He is hoping to get a Council House in Grimethorpe for him, his wife and new bairn to cut down on travelling costs. He hopes to build a new life in Grimethorpe after falling art with his family darn south. Welcome Harry. Harry intends to buy a heyf Season Ticket at Oakwell.

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    Wouldn't last 2 seconds in grimy

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    It’s rumoured his new 8 month old baby Archie Windsor an accomplished defender with plenty of promise and is highly regarded throughout football has signed a contract with Barnsley football club and could start against Huddersfield on Saturday?
    Some experts believe he may be too young just yet but CEO Dane Murphy says he will fit in with the rest of the team perfectly as the age gap isn’t that big and he can only learn from the vast experience within the squad, he added that this January is turning out to be the best transfer window in Barnsley FC’s history!

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