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Thread: Dave Doggett has gone, and dont we know it.

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    Feb 2019

    Dave Doggett has gone, and dont we know it.

    I had the pleasure of speaking to Dave, and found him to be a gifted bloke. Deeply intelligent, hard working and creative. Its hard to understand how an administrator got a football club promoted, but he did.

    He dragged this club out of the mud single handedly. As chairman he used to stand with the fans rather than partake of the hospitality in boardrooms. He got it wrong over Derry, though that showed how intensely loyal he was. It also showed he didn't really understand football.

    United fans today are predicting a relegation battle, and it does seem likely. Even though we are a fair way away from the bottom, our nose is tipped downwards with the chairman pushing the control column down.

    Doggett should be in charge today, but is not. The problem with people like him is that he was authentic, you cant have people telling it like it is.

    Now we have the tedious, the cheap, the chicanery, nauseous repetition, disingenuity, low quibbles, a bunch of robbers, a pot house, a rabble, defeatists, ( on and off the pitch), insolent and abusive blackguards.

    Abusive to know that its all our fault, the fans fault. That we have no players, no ground, no money and no hope.

    The board know it all, whats good and not good, even though we have no money, no ground, and no hope.

    Shall I say it again? I would have to be a mindless idiot to trust anything the board at Cambridge United say or do.

    As with Dave, an honest man must go. Why he didn't spill the beans god knows. His last gift of stability. One did fly over the cuckoos nest.

    Stonewall Jackson, in your face you mindless nobodies.

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    p.s, if we get manu again, home and away, where will that money go.??? Hope you enjoyed the last hoard.

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