Ive read most things about Markle, and reading between the lines, I reckon Markle has a serious personality disorder. The size, or cost of it is 29 million quid. She couldn't say no to that without revealing her plan. I don't think she ever considered being part of the royal family.

When she married Harry it was an unspoken pact that she would. I am seriously annoyed at 29 million going up the swannee, but more concerned about Harry. Not only has she deceived us, she is deceiving him. If she has a serious personality disorder, and I might be wrong, she will be unable to love anyone, because she is very damaged.

When Harry gets back to Canada, things will be different, from the start. He is on her ground with no support. The undermining,criticism, and abuse will start. He is head over heels with her.

How long it takes before he turns is anyones guess, but turn he will. The other problem is that Harry will be vulnerable to a concerted terrorist attack. Markle wont have thought of that.

I could be wrong, high unlikely though.

The royal family should know this and prepare for it, Harry coming home a bit sheepish. How do you communicate stuff like this though? Do the royal family possess a psychiatrist.? Pride must say no.

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