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Thread: Chelsea predictions

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    Chelsea predictions

    Can we get anything ?
    Will we had anything?

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    Quote Originally Posted by toonfalifekevbrown View Post
    Can we get anything ?
    Will we had anything?
    We can get something,just depends if Bruce sticks to his negative tactics.If he does we lose.Let Chelsea play and they win.

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    Tammy is going to be on a mission to prove he's the man to lead England...

    We have too many half fit players...can't keep the ball or generally threaten the opposition box...

    Having said that...a 1-1 or a sneaky 1 nil win wouldn't surprise me..don't know how it keeps happening...

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    Seeing as Jokelinton is now on fire and we’re going to rip up the Premiership

    A 0-2 defeat Chelsea will have too much for us

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    So difficult to predict this season. As much as their's a Spurs/Man U result in there, their's also a Leicester or Norwich or Villa in there. I was happy with the Wolves point and i'd snap ya hand off for another point against Chelsea (who are very up and down at the moment). I can predict that the performance will be dire though.

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    Chelsea are nowt flash . Can see our 10 man defence and another blinder by Dub keeping them out.
    After 88% possession they will tire and we will score with our 1 shot of the game .
    1-0 to us .

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    35% of the ball.

    Huff and puff for 20 mins.

    Another "unfortunate" injury.

    Lose 2-0.


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    Aren't Chelsea much better away than they are at home?

    I think they'll have far too much for us.

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    I think it'll be a chelsea win as well.

    However, at the same time we are just as likely to nick it 1-0.

    But overall, i believe a solid Chelski win.

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    Not sure why but I've got a feeling were going to pull off a win today, the Saint has been back in training for a couple of weeks now so hopefully he can play a part and cause them some problems.

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