Claderwood has had to embellish the youngsters at the club because we don't have anything else. If they do begin to show something guess what will happen?

They will sign for Colchester, or Tranmere etc.

Whatever price we get for them, it wont cover the cost of employing them in the first place, they will go for 25 grand or its equivalent. And go they will to reduce the wage bill so the club can spend more cash on drop ins, staff whos job is to think, managers of all sorts, and projects in the community.

And be proud doing it. And brag about it, join us and you will play and get a bigger club. That used to be true, Cambridge used to produce class players, the list is endless. That's gone now.

What is the point.? Good luck with Harvey Knibbs.

Count Ricardo Montigliano of Capri. The second. Good luck v Stevenage, I will be doing something more useful that watching a living death. And you will need luck.