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Thread: Jeff Astle

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    Jeff Astle

    18 years ago we lost Jeff.


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    Did anyone on here watch Astle when he played for Dunstable Town/Weymouth/Atherston?

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    Ah the days of watching the King!!! A Bobby Hope free-kick or corner and nine times out of ten Jeff would get on the end of it, and so often it would end up being a goal. A far better footballer on the ground than he was actually given credit for in my opinion. How I would love to watch the Albion again with players that go on to become real legends with the club. With the kids of today who watch the Albion, if a player gets a goal against the Vile or Wulfs they go on social media calling the player a legend.

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    Agreed JD. Next to Bobby Hope he was the best passer of a ball in the side. Long or short range, head or feet, he rarely gave the ball away. Great at leading the line, great at holding up the ball, excellent at assists for the likes of Bomber and Chippy, oh and he also chipped in with about 25 goals per season.

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    I don't know if any of you have seen this book? The first chapter is entitled "Martyr", it mainly comprises of Dawn Astle's recollections of her Dad's tragic demise. Made me very sad and very angry in equal amounts. Well worth reading.

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