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Thread: Cup draw

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    Cup draw

    Away to St Mirren. Not great but not awful - and our long, long wait for a 'gimmie' continues...

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    Quelle surprise.... Motherwell are drawn away in the Cup against a Premiership side.

    So predictable.

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    I guess it's not the absolute worst draw but (seemingly yet again) we're trying to get into a last eight alongside the OF, both Edinburgh teams and Aberdeen. So no need to save May 9 in the diary.

    Tbh though I'm not nearly as fussed about the cups as I used to be. If we go a long stretch without a final that'll obviously change but I really can't be bothered with another final draft to the OF. If offered the OF away in the quarters I'd take it happily right now and focus on a good league finish late in the season.

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    It is what it is lads. Let's take care of St Midden, then by the law of averages we must get a home draw next time round?! Whoever that's against I fancy we'll at least give them a game. I'd settle or last 8 in the SC and 4th in the league. That, compared to what I expected at the start of the season is flippin fantastic.

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    That would indeed be an excellent season!

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