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Thread: Talking about overwhelming stats and a close score.

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    Talking about overwhelming stats and a close score.

    Just looking at the stats for the Barcelona v Granada game, just finished a few minutes ago.

    Barcelona had 83% possession
    18 goal attempts
    7 corners to nil
    1005 total passes
    171 attacks of which 85 were dangerous ones.

    Yet it took 71 mins for their single goal by Messi and that followed a Granada player being sent off a few minutes earlier.

    They say stats prove everything and most forecast an avalanche by Barca, but the scores were close.

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    Compared with ours. We had

    30% possession
    7 goal attempts
    1 corner
    282 total passes
    92 attacks of which 39 were dangerous ones.

    And the same result.

    Makes you wonder what you have to do to win by a thumping big score.

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    Barcelona try to be too clever sometimes, Like the Arsenal team that always tried to walk the ball into the net.
    Nufc on the other hand could start by bringing in a quality striker,

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    Even man city this season have huge amounts of possession but arent winning as comfortably as they used to

    having possession is ok if the opposition are giving it to you and just sitting back and saying break us down

    teams like leicester and the bindippers tend to let you attack and then shut you down closer to their goal where as city press you teally high up

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