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Thread: Up to date table after Week 23

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    Feb 2008

    Up to date table after Week 23

    205 claw84
    192 Tricky1966
    189 griff
    188 alfinyalcabo
    184 Altobelli
    173 davee59
    159 frenchlion
    136 dagenhamJohn
    118 Acido

    So claw reaches the 200 mark and has stretched his lead at the top, Trick is back in second place but no other movement in the table.

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    Phook me,things are looking bad now,two southern softees and a glow in the dark Cumbrian Cow muncher are above me.. Whatever next a retired southern bus driver .FFS

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    Suck it up Alf. You’re dealing with CLASS.

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