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Thread: QPR(home)predictions

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    A pretty fair summary, Champs.
    Robin's point about the opposition is a good one.
    For the last half-hour, QPR looked a good team. They have more players who are comfortable on the ball than us, and we couldn't get the damned thing off them in that period!
    Even so, the defence stepped up. Funnily enough, I thought both of our centre-backs looked a bit slipshod during the period when we were dominant, but they were excellent when the pressure came on.
    Nyambe, Travis and Gallagher must have been absolutely knackered by the end. All three of them ran marathons!

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    Ok I'll do it.. gripes..

    Tosin can be too casual, but only in the way I used to feel tugay could be.. you accept that as he is the player he is.

    Holtby doesn't look a like for like for Dack, came wide too often(which is probably natural for him)

    Gallagher isn't a wide forward(but works hard at it)

    Bell had his hands full against their powerful winger, but despite being beaten a couple of times, I felt stuck to his task well.. the 'not good enough' talk is out of order.

    Bennett did a job, but we must not have to rely on him too often. I hope he doesn't start against Boro.

    Downing struggled in centre mid this time I felt a little.


    Nyambe is superb, powerful and direct.

    Armstrong is on fire, reminds me a Kevin Gallagher a bit.

    Rothwell had his best game I've seen.

    Lenihan other than being caught out, was solid enough and scored.

    Travis is excellent, really winds up the opposition. A bit of Savage about him.

    Walton looks fine to me in the games I've seen Inc last night.

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    That looks very fair, Saxo.
    Where Bell is concerned, I just wish he had the confidence to use his pace a bit more.
    Having said that, he seems to be at the same stage Nyambe was at last year, at around this time, so maybe the confidence will come in a similar way.
    Downing made a few errors in the opening quarter, but I thought he improved after that.
    As I mentioned before, we could really do with someone who can deliver a cross in the way Craig Conway did in his early seasons with us.

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