Things have improved in Russia in regards to air safety, but even so, you wont get me flying on a Russian airline, there safety record is atrocious.

The Russian flying authorities rules and procedures in the past, maybe even now, leave a lot to be desired. And that doesn't take into consideration whether they are followed in regards to safety and maintenance. The result is unfit aircraft, and when there is a disaster, the authorities place the blame on individuals, when it is the process is at fault.

That poor bloke Colin Calderwood has taken the responsibility for Uniteds current woe, when the responsibility lies elsewhere. He has though seriously castigated the players, especially the older ones.

This club has been run disastrously for 25 30 years maybe more, all it assets have gone and we are broke. Whos fault is that.? The answer, like in Russia, Colin Calderwood. And when he takes the blame everyone else can relax.

In all unhealthy families, there is a scapegoat. The guilty go free.

Its great entertainment though, and im enjoying it because that disaster called United arnt hosing my money away, like they have done in the past.

Anyway, I have looked into how many people die on the roads. Amazingly its about 25,000 per year. But having said that, the number of journeys undertaken are huge.

Flying boasts that its the safest form of transport, but im not so sure. When things go wrong, the chances of dying is huge.

If you divide the number of flights into the number of deaths there are, then do the same for the roads, which one is better?

The answer may lie in the fact we are into the 19th series of aircrash investigation, each with 20 or 30 episodes. There are crashes we never hear of.

Happy flying.....

Brigadier Gerard.