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Thread: Religation battle

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    Religation battle

    Were obviously thick in the religation battle right now. Very hard to predict who goes at this stage. Anyone else keeping an eye on other fixtures? Like tonights games. Leicester vs West ham
    Spurs vs Norwich
    Manu vs Burnley

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    Yep could do with 3 home wins tonight but wouldn't be at all surprised at 3 away wins. Certainly can't back Man U at the moment.

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    Good call, worth a 5treble?

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    The next game for us and Bournemouth in the leahue is another 6 pointer. The final game of the season is away to West Ham...

    What's worth a 5 treble is the relegation of whoever is going down to the last day

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    Burnley have done Leicester and Utd in the space of a few days - their bad spell has ended, but more importantly it shows these teams are beatable. I hope DS studies how they did it and sets up differently against top 8 sides.

    Have to go all out against Bournemouth, Newcastle, Everton, West Ham, Arsenal, ManU, Palace, Southampton park the bus for Leicester, Wolves, Chelsea, Tottenham, Sheff Utd (good away side).

    Liverpool a free hit

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